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You can be healthier and more confident!

You can be more in alignment with good environmental principles!

You can be a good steward of your resources!

Design Ecology is an integrated consulting practice including several environmental methods drawn from around the world.  Extensive studies in many fields have come together to make this practice valuable for building sites, remodeling, and evaluation of all living or business environments.

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Feng Shui
from China is an ancient discipline that considers basic design, interior decoration, and natural forces that affect people.  Yes, there is some superstition connected with this field.  In Design Ecology practice, all of the old superstitions are stripped away.  What is used includes only those items that can be scientifically validated for modern living.  This includes mental and physical effects of color schemes, symbolic aspects of design that can affect health and well-being, and manipulation of many natural forces that can enhance all aspects of life.  Many ancient documents have been translated, and a mathematically based system that categorizes living situations was uncovered in the process.

Bau-Biologie from Germany covers many modern environmental elements, including electromagnetic fields, healthy building materials, community involvement, and ergonomics.  Michael Riversong has certification in this field and has also traveled to Germany.  While there, he interviewed some of that country's top consultants in order to bring his consulting above contemporary standards.

Geobiology dates back over 100 years in several European countries.  It was originally based on statistical studies involving cancer rates in certain locations.  The energetic patterns of these locations have been discovered and can now be observed and determined for any site.  In addition, Michael Riversong worked with legendary consultant Vince Wiberg of Los Angeles, learning many practical field techniques in the early 1990s.

Building Inspection practices normally used in the American Real Estate business have been integrated into Design Ecology practice.

Music is the fastest way to change any environment.  Most consultations and classes include a live music performance on site, to create a pleasant atmosphere for the session.  This is something that in ancient times was usually a part of Feng Shui practice, but was largely forgotten over the centuries.  Michael Riversong has revived this custom with excellent results.


One aspect of life all too often ignored these days is the human scale. We see this in buildings as well as in private practices, where doctors reintroduce themselves each time they see the same patient. While somewhat more profitable perhaps, the quality that comes from old-fashioned caring disappears in these situations. For this reason the Design Ecology consultant will always pursue scale in his relationships. This practice emphasizes independent business, the family home, and the quality training that comes from apprenticeship.

Michael Riversong avoids using words you don't understand. The goal is to communicate, so that you can be your own most effective environmentalist when your consultant is not there. Clients have told us that the most useful aspect of the consultation was what arrived in their mailbox a few weeks after: a full written evaluation. This includes a glossary translating technical terms into plain English, indexes of suppliers and specialists, a list of priorities, everything that was told to you during the on-site session, and any other useful information that came up during the further research that goes into every report.


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Author, Design Ecology published 1996

Consulting practice began in 1990; hundreds of sites have been inspected and reported.

Bau-Biologie Building Inspector Certification from the Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology (IBE), Clearwater, Florida 1993

B.A. Degree from the University of Colorado with emphasis in Chinese Language, 1974.  This included making several translations of ancient documents related to Feng Shui.

Many Feng Shui seminars from top experts.

Private training from Geobiology consultant Vince Wiberg, 1990 - 1992

Extensive knowledge of office computer systems through consulting work 1983 - present

Operated own Solar Energy business in Southern Colorado 1981 - 1983

Engineering and Computer Assistant for International Solar Energy Corporation, Denver, Colorado, 1983 - 1984

Volunteer for the International Tesla Society and Global Sciences Congress beginning in 1984.  This has placed Michael Riversong in frequent contact with many significant scientists, inventors, and researchers from all over the world.  He has written a number of articles based on these encounters, which have been published in several magazines.  (An index of published articles developed in 1998 ran about 8 pages.)

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